There are a few simple things you need to know about the forum:

You can go straight to the forum and read posts – obviously there are some areas you will not be able to see, and you will not be able to make or reply to posts.

You can register as a Forum Guest for free – this will require a valid email address. You will choose a password and user name (take care with this choice – it is very awkward to change later).

Registration allows you 10 free posts – that should be plenty for you to get a feel for the forum and hopefully decide to join the club. Certain features like posting pictures directly to the forum and use of the search engine, messaging system and gallery are not available to free Forum Guests.

You can join the Club – This will upgrade your Forum Guest account to that of a Club Member. You will now see the Members Only areas and have unlimited posting rights as well as all the other benefits of membership.

What’s on the forum? :
All we can say is – Take a look for yourself, we believe it is the single biggest repository of actual experience of self building – anywhere. As well as being Fun 🙂


Rules : The forum is moderated, and also has a simple swear filter – please read the forum rules before posting. There is nothing too onerous, apart from the usual legality issues. The club is family friendly, which includes the tone of the forum.

We hope you enjoy it

Data Protection – please note, we hate spam etc as much as you do – so any and all information received from users or members is kept strictly within the club – (the only exception is ‘confirmation’ of your name and membership number when applying for insurance discount as a club member over the telephone) – Information is only kept as long as necessary, and never shared with any Third Party.